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Counseling Assignment Discussion

Counseling Assignment Discussion

Counseling Assignment Discussion
Counseling Assignment Discussion Paper
Counseling Assignment Discussion Paper

The one strength of reasoning the recognition that coaching is aimed at assisting people to achieve their professional and personal goals in life. Coaching does not involve counseling people to overcome their problems or giving advice. As Oghenejob (2014) indicate coaching involves supporting client-specified established goals over a specific duration. Counseling is an empathetic and supportive process that facilitates the person being counseled to heal, take corrective actions and recover from or avoid failures and mistakes. Counseling Assignment Discussion Paper

The one area in need of improvement in reasoning is the principles that Christian and secular coaching operate in. A secular life coach functions on the belief that strategy, strength and answers to the way to attain professional and personal goals lie within a person. On the other hand, a Christian life coach recognizes that not all strategies, answers or strengths are within an individual. Paul says that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him ( Philippians 4:13). This does not mean clients are encouraged to do nothing but are encouraged to be in cooperation with God for things that are in line with His will.

Reply to Paula

The one strength of Paula is how she reasoned about discipleship being spiritual in nature while mentorship is not. In mentoring, mentors develop relationships with mentees in order to teach, guide and train them in certain life experiences or professions they are skilled in. mentoring is not similar to discipleship. Discipling is assisting and motivating an individual to grow in Christ. It is Christ-centered (Hawkins, 2019).


The one area in need of improvement in reasoning is the goal of mentorship and discipleship. Paula does reason that mentoring aims at creating a self-directed learner. The main purpose of the mentor is to assist the mentee to attain her or his self-directed goal and not to make the mentee turn out to be like the mentor. On the other hand, discipleship involves making a group or an individual become like the master as in the case of Christianity (Oghenejobo, 2014).


Hawkins, D. (2019). Master Discipleship Today. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications.

Oghenejobo, M. (2014). Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Personal and Organizational Success. Edinburgh: WestBow Press.

Reply to Anthony in 135 words identifying at least 1 strength and 1 area in need of improvement in his reasoning. Each reply must also use at least 2 citations

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Presently, there exists a number of coaches such as time management coaches, financial coaches parenting coaches among other coaches (Collins, 2009). The main duty of these coaches is to aid their groups to change from one perception to another. The goal of coaching being to steer growth. Like in sports where a coach helps players better their performance, other coaches also help better growth in individuals. Take, for instance, managers of a company coach their employees on best practices of the organization to realize growth.

Counselling, on the other hand, is offered by counsellors to help individuals to come out of their problems. Take for instance, when there is conflict in a marriage the couple visits a counsellor to help them solve the problem at hand. The main goal of counselling is to help individuals to come out of their problems to positive results that will place them at a better place. Counseling Assignment Discussion Paper

The main difference between coaching and mentoring is that mentoring takes a long period of time. Discipleship, on the other hand, impacts every facet of life and to some extent holistic. A disciple is like a mentor as they both guide their group towards a goal that the people may not necessarily see. That is they are on the forefront as model/examples to be followed (Gravitt, 2018).

The difference between Christian life coaching from secular life coaching is the way they perceive counselling. In Christian life coaching, counsellors are like servants whose main focus is to help people come out of agony (Collins, 2009). That is mainly deal with negative psychology. Secular counsellors deal with positive qualities such as forgiveness in their approach. Unlike Christian life coach that uses the fruits of the Holy Spirit secular life coaching does not base its argument on the fruits of the Holy Spirit.


Collins, G. R. (2009). Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential Into Reality.

Gravitt, J. (2018, March 27). Mentoring vs. Disciplemaking: What’s the Difference? navigators. Retrieved from http://www.navigatorchurchministries.org/Blog/March-2018/Mentoring-vs-Disciplemaking-What-s-the-Difference

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Bottom of Form Counseling Assignment Discussion Paper

Reply to Paula in 135 words identifying at least 1 strength and 1 area in need of improvement in her reasoning. Each reply must also use at least 2 citations

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Describe the difference between mentoring and discipleship:

There are similarities between mentoring and discipling. Both look for ways to help someone else grow, both require a relationship, and both have the goal of seeing another individual become successful. Usually, the mentor or the individual doing the discipling is more experienced (and sometimes older) than the person they are helping.

There are major differences between the two. Mentoring takes place when one person advises another in a specific skillset, helping them to develop in a particular area. Discipleship is spiritual in nature, and involves one person focusing on another in order to help them grow (Collins, 2009). Discipleship is centered around one individual setting an example for another (I Corinthians 11:1). The making of disciples is Scriptural. Matthew 28:19a (NIV) says, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.”

Discipleship is also different from mentorship in one unique way. The ultimate goal of discipleship is in teaching new disciples to multiply; in other words, for them to go on and disciple others (Matthew 4:19-20). In mentorship, the mentor’s job is complete when the individual has successfully learned what they should.


Collins, G. (2009). Christian coaching: Helping others turn potential into reality (2nd ed.). Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress.

Counseling Assignment Discussion Paper

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