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Depression Disorder

Depression Disorder

Depression Disorder
Depression Disorder Essay Sample
Depression Disorder Essay Sample

Depression Disorder

Select an adult or older adult client with a depressive disorder you have seen

Recommend psychopharmacologic treatments based on therapeutic endpoints for clients with depression disorders

Recommend psychotherapy based on therapeutic endpoints for clients with depression disorders

Identify medical management needs for clients with depression disorders

Identify community support resources for clients with depression disorders. Depression Disorder Essay Sample

Recommend follow-up plans for clients with depression disorders


Depressive disorder is typified by symptoms like agitation, irritability, hopelessness and worthlessness, sadness, appetite and weight changes, social withdrawal, among other symptoms. In addition, these symptoms impact the functionality of an individual for instance employment or education (Sadock et al, 2014). In this paper, the client’s HPI and clinical impression will be discussed. The prescribed treatments, as well as the medical management needs for the client, will be discussed. The paper will conclude by discussing the relevant community support resources and the client’s follow-up plan.

The HPI & Clinical Impression

The client a 36-year-old lady presented and reported being overly sad due to financial constraints, a problematic relationship, and academic challenges she was experiencing. The client reported that due to these challenges, she was always sad, easily irritable, had concentration problems, had lost both appetite and weight, felt hopeless and worthless; these symptoms had adversely affected her academics. Two years ago, the client started pursuing advanced studies while still working. After enrolling for further studies, she suddenly lost her job and from there she was barely able to fund her education. The issue of losing job and being unable to fund her education has really stressed her. The client further reported that she is currently having relationship problems with her boyfriend. According to the client, her present stressors include impending bankruptcy, inability to fund her education, financial woes, and relationship problems. Depression Disorder Essay Sample

As per the DSM-5 criteria, the diagnosis for this client is major depressive disorder. This is because she manifests symptoms like irritability, sadness, loss of weight, agitation, concentration problems, feeling worthless and hopeless, and also the symptoms have affected her functionality in terms of education (Sadock et al, 2014).

Psychopharmacologic Treatment

Citalopram: Citalopram is an antidepressant used in the treatment of depressive disorder. The medication has been approved by FDA as the first-line treatment choice for major depressive disorder (Hudson et al, 2015). In addition, the efficacy of the medication in treating depressive symptoms had been demonstrated (Wilson &Lader, 2015).

Psychotherapy Choices

Group Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT focuses on changing the thinking patterns of an individual and the way they feel, in order to finally change their behavior (David et al, 2018). Therefore, it is expected that CBT will change the thinking pattern, attitude, feelings, and eventually the behavior of the client. The efficacy of CBT has been demonstrated in improving depressive symptoms and reducing the probability of relapse post-treatment (David et al, 2018). The reason for selecting group CBT is to give the client an opportunity to interact with other individuals experiencing similar challenges. Depression Disorder Essay Sample


Medical Management Needs

In mental disorders, adherence to treatment is considered an important medical management need. As a result, important measures will be used to make sure that she will not skip her drugs or fail to attend her scheduled psychotherapy sessions. This is because failure to adhere to the prescribed treatment will hinder symptom remission and also the client might experience withdrawal symptoms. Another medical management need is to monitor the client’s response to treatment, and especially presence of side effects. Finally, there is a need to educate the client about depression, symptoms, and triggers (Mark et al, 2017).

Community Support Resources

The client will be linked with the local peer support groups to give her an opportunity to interact with individuals having similar mental disorders and therefore get moral support and motivation from them to finish her treatment. The client will also be given educative resources and referred to websites that have information about the management of depression. Moreover, the client has financial challenges and therefore she will be referred to organization that will help her to afford the healthcare expenses. Depression Disorder Essay Sample

Follow-Up Plan

The PMHNP will review the client after two weeks to examine her response to treatment and also to assess if the client has had any side effects. Moreover, the client will be managed by a team that will include a psychiatrist, PMHNP, and a psychotherapist. The psychiatrist will play the role of a consultant and prescribe medications, while the PMHNP will assess and review the client and collaborate with other team members throughout the client’s treatment. The psychotherapist will offer CBT therapies to the client. In addition, there will be a social worker who will be monitoring the client’s adherence to medication and her progress as well while at home (Harter et al, 2018).


The diagnosis for this client is major depressive disorder as per the symptoms. The pharmacological treatment is citalopram while for psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy was recommended. The identified medical management needs include treatment adherence, patient education, and monitoring the client’s response to treatment and for any side effect. For support resources, the client will be referred to local peer support groups, organizations that to help with treatment costs, and educative reading resources. The client will attend review clinics after two weeks to assess her progress. Depression Disorder Essay Sample


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