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Discussion: Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

Discussion: Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

Discussion: Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists
Interaction Between Nurse Informatics and Other Specialists Essay
Interaction Between Nurse Informatics and Other Specialists Essay

Discussion: Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

Nature offers many examples of specialization and collaboration. Ant colonies and bee hives are but two examples of nature’s sophisticated organizations. Each thrives because their members specialize by tasks, divide labor, and collaborate to ensure food, safety, and general well-being of the colony or hive. Interaction Between Nurse Informatics and Other Specialists Essay

Of course, humans don’t fare too badly in this regard either. And healthcare is a great example. As specialists in the collection, access, and application of data, nurse informaticists collaborate with specialists on a regular basis to ensure that appropriate data is available to make decisions and take actions to ensure the general well-being of patients.

In this Discussion, you will reflect on your own observations of and/or experiences with informaticist collaboration. You will also propose strategies for how these collaborative experiences might be improved.

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and reflect on the evolution of nursing informatics from a science to a nursing specialty. Interaction Between Nurse Informatics and Other Specialists Essay

Consider your experiences with nurse Informaticists or technology specialists within your healthcare organization.

By Day 3 of Week 3

Post a description of experiences or observations about how nurse informaticists and/or data or technology specialists interact with other professionals within your healthcare organization. Suggest at least one strategy on how these interactions might be improved. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain the impact you believe the continued evolution of nursing informatics as a specialty and/or the continued emergence of new technologies might have on professional interactions.

Communication Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Health Professionals, and the Impact of Technology on Professional Interactions


Nursing informatics is a relatively new field of study for nurses. Initially, information management for nurses was carried out by persons who had computer knowledge but who did not have any nursing or medical knowledge. These were the people from the “IT department”. The American Nurses Association (ANA) recognised Nursing Informatics as a distinct specialty and included it in its standards. It defines Nursing Informatics as a specialty of nursing that deals with the computer management of information related to nursing (Darvish et al., 2014). In this light, this paper looks at the way nursing Informaticists communicate with other health workers and the impact of the specialty on professional interactions. Interaction Between Nurse Informatics and Other Specialists Essay

Nursing Informatics is all about the management of health information and the processing of nursing data in the organization (Saba, 1997; Kluwer, 2014). The nurse Informaticists use well established nursing nomenclature to help them in classifying the health data that they handle. The terms “nursing informatics” were first introduced in the 1960s when computers were incorporated into the healthcare system to improve care (Saba, 1977).

Because of this very nature of their work, nurse Informaticists have to interact with a lot of the other healthcare professionals in their daily work. They are effectively the custodians of important patient clinical information that may be required from time to time by other members of the healthcare team to better the care they are giving the patient. Hence the other members of the clinical team in the organization will from time to time ask fir particular patient information from the nurse Informaticist. This could be for a variety of reasons ranging from evidence-based intervention, to research, to education. For instance, a fellow advanced practice registered nurse practitioner may ask for data on epilepsy between January and December of the previous year in order to give a session of continuous education (CE). What these examples demonstrate is that there is ongoing and continuous interaction between the nurse Informaticists and the other healthcare team members. In fact, she is the only member of the team that regularly interacts with almost every member of the healthcare team. Interaction Between Nurse Informatics and Other Specialists Essay


One strategy by which the interaction between the nurse Informaticists and the other healthcare team members can be improved is through the establishment of a separate and distinct office of the nurse Informaticist, with a direct telephone line and email. This way, any team member that may require assistance from the office may find it easier to interact with it. For instance, a departmental head who is required to give a report of the patient statistics to the administration may need to have correct numbers. The person to get her this information would be the nurse Informaticist.

With the rapid pace at which technology is moving, nursing informatics is bound to expand in leaps and bounds. This will have a big impact in how professional interactions occur in the healthcare organisation. This may mean that in future a team member may be required to even remotely request for permission to access specific data from the nursing database. It will then be the nurse Informaticist who will be granting this permission or refusing it. This is because they are the information and data managers. Interaction Between Nurse Informatics and Other Specialists Essay


Darvish, A., Bahramnezhad, F., Keyhanian, S. & Navidhamidi, M. (2014). The role of Nursing Informatics on promoting quality of health care and the need for appropriate education. Global Journal of Health Science, 6(6), 11–18. Doi: 10.5539/gjhs.v6n6p11

Kluwer, W. (2014). Nursing informatics. Retrieved 2 December 2019 from http://lippincottsolutions.lww.com/blog.entry.html/2014/10/20/nursing_informatics-8RKP.html

Saba, V.K. (1997). A look at nursing informatics. International Journal of Medical Infomatics, 44, 57-60.Interaction Between Nurse Informatics and Other Specialists Essay

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