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Do you know that public schools are part of interesting environments for a community health nurse to work in?

Do you know that public schools are part of interesting environments for a community health nurse to work in?

Do you know that public schools are part of interesting environments for a community health nurse to work in?
Assignment: Community Settings and Community Health Nursing Roles

Do you know that public schools are part of interesting environments for a community health nurse to work in? Schools are important learning institutions where learners acquire knowledge and values that guide their behaviors in the society. They act as institutions for socialization and agents that promote the desired change in our societies. Besides being a learning institution, schools also act as an environmental risk for its learners. It predisposes them to health risks such as injuries, alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, source of communicable diseases, and social stigmatization among other undesired social behaviors. Consequently, it increases the need for community health nurses who work closely with educational stakeholders to ensure that the health needs of schools are met. Community health nurses undertake various roles including assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of interventions that are used in the school settings to minimize health risks and promote the health and wellbeing of the learners. They also work with the vulnerable populations in these settings such as the disabled, young children, learners living with chronic conditions, orphans, learners from racial and ethnic minorities, and victims of teenage pregnancies. Therefore, this research paper examines the roles of community health nurse working in public schools. It explores the community setting, health promotion nursing interventions, professional nursing organization, and the roles of the community health nurse in public schools.

Community Setting

The community setting that has been selected for this research paper is public schools. Public schools are learning institutions that are funded by the state. The learners do not pay any fee to receive the services they need in these institutions. Often, public schools have a high number of students due to free education. As a result, they are characterized by a significant mix of learners from different ethnic backgrounds. It also increases the number of vulnerable children who seek education in these settings. Some of the vulnerable populations that are found in public schools include the disabled, learners from ethnic minority groups, victims of teenage pregnancies, young children, and learners suffering from chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS that need advanced physical, emotional, and psychosocial support.

The community health nurse plays several roles in public schools. One of them is screening the children and teachers for various health problems. The nurse screens teachers for health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension and provides the needed management or referral of cases. They also screen the children for conditions such as obesity and provides the needed medical care. The community health nurse also acts as information disseminator. This role is evident from the health education they give on health-related issues to the students and teachers. The nurse educates the children on healthy lifestyles that will minimize their risks of health problems (Raingruber, 2017). Health education that the nurse gives may focus on issues such as healthy eating habits, importance of active physical activity, and abstinence or safe sexual habits to prevent teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

The community health nurse also acts as the evaluator in public school settings. H/she evaluates whether the different interventions that were embraced to improve the health of the learners and teachers were effective or not. For instance, h/she evaluates whether health education was effective in bringing behavioral change as evidenced by the adoption of practices such as hand hygiene in the school. Evaluation helps the community health nurse to explore additional ways in which the health of the learners and teachers can be improved further (McMurray, Munns & Clendon, 2019). Therefore, the community health nurse undertakes responsibilities that include screening, health education, and evaluation of health initiatives in public schools.

Health Promotion Interventions

The community health nurse engages in a wide range of health promotion interventions in public schools. One of them is health education. The nurse educates the learners and teachers about various health-related issues they are predisposed to in their environment. For instance, the nurse provides health education on issues such as sexually transmitted infections, injuries, healthy lifestyle and behaviors, and ways of preventing them for their optimal health. Health education is important since it raises their level of awareness and stimulates the adoption of healthy behaviors that promote health (Griebler et al., 2017). The second intervention that the community health nurse engages to promote health in public schools is screening. The nurse screens the children and teachers for various lifestyle and communicable diseases. Such diseases include hepatitis and diabetes among learners and teachers respectively. Screening is important since it aids in early detection and treatment of diseases. It also prevents further spread of the disease in the population. The last health promotion initiative that the nurse undertakes in public school setting is acting as an advocate. The nurse ensures that the rights of the learners and teachers are protected (Richard & Gauvin, 2017). H/she ensures that interventions that promote their health and wellbeing are embraced.

The community health nurse collaborates with various stakeholders in providing care needed in public schools. One of them is the parents. The nurse works with the parents in ensuring that the learners uphold the desired lifestyle and behavioral changes. The nurse

Assignment Community Settings and Community Health Nursing Roles
Assignment Community Settings and Community Health Nursing Roles

also collaborates with the teachers of the institution. The teachers assist in the implementation of the changes that are needed to promote the health and wellbeing of the learners. The nurse also works closely with public health officials. H/she coordinates school outreach programs that aim at raising awareness about public health issues affecting school going children. The nurse also works closely with institutions of healthcare. She refers any condition that is beyond her professional scope of practice or those demanding advanced management. Religious institutions are another body that the nurse works with collaboratively when working with public schools. The institutions act as platform where the nurse expands the coverage of initiatives that aim at improving school health. Therefore, the collaboration between these stakeholders ensures that the optimum health and wellbeing of the learners are maintained.

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Organization of Professional Nursing

The National Association of School Nurses is an example of a professional body that supports community health nurses working in school settings. The association was developed with the aim of protecting as well as promoting the health of students. It also aims at facilitating optimal development as well as academic advancement of the learners. The mission of the association is to optimize student health alongside learning through advancing school nursing practice. It achieves the mission through its focus on core values that include prioritizing child wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, ethics, innovation, excellence, leadership, integrity and scholarship (NASN, n.d.).

One of the professional issues that the National Association of School Nurses addresses in relation to public schools is the promotion of equity and equality in learning. The association recognizes that learners are unique beings with diverse healthcare needs. As a result, they should be treated as individuals with unique learning and health needs that should be personalized. The association also advocates for the provision of school health services irrespective of one’s background. This approach is important as it eliminates disparities among the learners due to their gender or backgrounds. Therefore, through these interventions, National Association of School Nurses has been able to promote equity and equality in schools.


In conclusion, community health nurses play a critical role in public schools settings. They undertake the roles of assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating the interventions that are utilized to promote the health of populations in these settings. They also undertake activities that promote health such as health education, screening, and advocacy. Community health nurses work with various stakeholders in their service provision such as the parents, teachers, public health officials, religious institutions, and other healthcare providers. The National Association of School Nurses supports the community health nurses in providing appropriate school health services to those in need. Therefore, it is important that community health nurses working in public schools are supported in order to enhance the health outcomes of students and teachers.

Need it in week time. The community health setting for this paper must be a school setting such as elementary, middle, high, public, private, boarding, religious. Montessori, etc.
Watch the tutorial on tips for completing the Community Settings and Community Health Nursing Roles assignment.

This APA paper is expected to be no more than four pages in length (not including the title page and reference list). Below are the requirements for successful completion of this paper. Please use the recommended APA Template linked below, which incorporates the following categories as the first level headings on your paper. APA formatting helps you to organize your paper in a professional manner and provides consistent methods for citing your sources and completing your reference page. See the documents in the APA category in Course Resources for assistance with APA formatting. The Student Success Strategies resource has great sections on writing scholarly papers and APA formatting.

The community health setting for this paper must be a school setting such elementary, middle, high, public, private, boarding, religious. Montessori, etc.
Click to view and download the NR443 Community Settings APA Template (Links to an external site.) to complete your paper. The template is formatted with the appropriate running head, title page, page numbers, paragraph formatting, and most of the headings. Please edit the headers and title page with your specific information. You are also encouraged to view the Week 4 assignment tutorial found at the end of the Academic Integrity Reminder.
Read the chapter of your textbook on the assigned community health setting and take notes based on the outline below.
Locate and read at least one scholarly peer-reviewed journal article that is not assigned in the course related to a nurse\’s role in health promotion in this setting. Go to the Chamberlain library at http:/library.chamberlain.edu (Links to an external site.). Search peer reviewed journals to find a scholarly article on this topic. The article must be less than 10 years old (less than 5 years is best).
Thoroughly address the following categories using the APA Template that is provided.
Introduction (one paragraph):
The introduction should be interesting and capture the reader\’s attention.
Introduce the assigned community setting
Briefly identify CHN role(s) in this setting
Identify vulnerable population(s) served in this setting
Include a purpose statement

Community Setting (two to three paragraphs)
Describe the assigned community setting, including vulnerable population(s) served.
Discuss three health services provided by the a CHN in the assigned setting.
Use your textbook or an outside scholarly source to address these sub-points.

Health Promotion Nursing Intervention (two to three paragraphs)
Describe in detail health promotion intervention(s) that a CHN could implement in the assigned community setting.
Identify people/organizations/community members this CHN role may collaborate with in health promotion interventions.
Utilize at least one peer-reviewed scholarly article related to a health promotion intervention.

Professional Nursing Organization (two paragraphs)
Provide a detailed description of a professional nursing organization related to the assigned community setting. Search the text, your article, or the Internet for one professional organization that supports nurses in this role. If you can\’t find an organization specific to this group, search the American Nurses Association (ANA) website for information on this role. Cite the organization in the body of the text with (organization name, year), and include a complete reference on the reference page.
Discuss one professional issue that this organization is addressing related to the assigned community setting.
Summary (one paragraph)
The summary reiterates key points about:

The community setting and the CHN role(s)
Health promotion intervention
Professional organization
Includes a concluding statement.
Reference Page: The reference page should start on a new page (insert a page break). All references should be cited within the body of the paper as (author or organization, year), and the full reference should be included in APA format on the reference page. A URL link alone is not an adequate reference. See the Chamberlain Guidelines for Professional Writing in the APA Folder in Program Resources for examples of properly formatted references.

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