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Health System\’s Mission or Vision

Health System\’s Mission or Vision

Health System\’s Mission or Vision
Health System\’s Mission or Vision Essay Paper
Health System\’s Mission or Vision Essay Paper

What would be your health system\’s mission or vision?

The goal of my healthcare system would have similar interests as every healthcare system. I want to ensure that those who come in come out better than they were when they had come in, and to be able to save the lives of those who have trusted their lives to my system. However, where my healthcare system differs would be that I want to provide for my employees as well. It has been stated that, among the most underpaid workers in the U.S. are those within the healthcare field (Lippi, 2018). The patients well-being and health are our main priority, finding ways to help them and discovering new ways to do so are worthy and honorable endeavors. How this profession is full of altruistic people: Nurses, doctors, CNA’s , phlebotomists and so many other professionals. My vision is to have my healthcare system take care of both the patients as well as the employees. Health System\’s Mission or Vision Essay Paper. By achieving the latter, the former is also accomplished, because taking care of the employees helps prevent them from becoming future patients who require medical assistance. Ensuring good healthcare coverage, good benefits and pay as well as the ability to have a well staffed facility can aid the workers in so many ways. Adequate management of a company is very crucial for the well-being of workers. Aiding in the ability to reduce stress, prevent work-burnout, and inhibit the occurrence of short staffing can decrease the amount of illnesses, and over time the attainment of illness. Health System\’s Mission or Vision Essay Paper

Would you also incorporate physician assistants into your health system? If so, how would you envision using them? If not, why not

Physician assistants are invaluable professionals in any and all healthcare fields. Healthcare, like many professions, is a rapidly growing business, and unless people can manage to stop getting sick, growing old, having children, etc. then there will continue to be a growth. Most are aware of the fact that the baby boomer generation is starting to get to the age where they need medical attention more frequently. Where their diseases and commodities require more interventions and medical supervision. However, what many are not too keen about is the fact that there is an obstacle that may obstruct this necessary medical attention. According to a source, in the near future there is a strong possibility of a deficit in primary care providers (PCP’s) estimated with a maximum shortage of over 90,000 PCP’s (Morgan et al., 2016). Due to the ability of the PA’s to act as doctors, except in certain states where they cannot prescribe certain medications, they are able to act as professionals for their capabilities of assessment and diagnosing. With a shortage of PCP’s I want my healthcare facility to plan for the future, for the growing need and address the future needs as best as possible in the present. By allowing PCP’s to work in the healthcare facilities as they are able, and utilizing the well-spring of professionals with the title of PA my healthcare system would not be lacking, and conveniently would provide jobs for the community and the growing field of both Physician Assistants as well as Nurse Practitioners. Health System\’s Mission or Vision Essay Paper


To conclude, healthcare is supposed to be a a field where the patient is taken care of, and I wholly agree with this goal. However, I don\’t think that it ends with the patients I think the employees that walk the halls are just as necessary to take care of as the patients they walk, and help to bed. By helping the employees stay healthy we help the world, and though we cannot cure illness and diseases entirely, we can perhaps postpone it for a substantial amount of time if we were to ensure that the measures were taken to prevent contributing factors such as stress and the effects that it may have on the body. The use of PA\’s can greatly aid in the succession of this ability, with a shortage of doctors PA\’s and APN\’s of all kinds are going to be a necessary more so than optional substitutes. These professionals, can help ensure that care is provided and carried out as is necessary for all those who need it, and when they need it. Health System\’s Mission or Vision Essay Paper

need to answer why this mission statement or idea is well thought out

are the ideas of using PAs a good idea in a hospital and why you agree with the above writings related to the use of Pas.A


The discussion is very informative and capable to convincing readers as to the logics of the arguments presented. It makes use of literature evidence to provide an evidence-based perspective on the presented questions. Firstly, the author offers a health system vision that is linked to the core of health care with a focus on addressing the health care needs of patients. It acknowledges that the system would engage different health professions and that the environment should support the personnel in remaining healthy and providing the best possible care. Although the vision addresses the core of health care, there is a need to mention the other stakeholders who include family members. Including them in the care plan ensures that the patients have less to worry about and that the family members are primed to provide care upon the patient being discharged home (Ledlow& Coppola, 2014). Secondly, the author highlights the need for incorporating physician assistants (PAs) into the system. It particularly notes that improved health care technologies allow populations to live longer. This means that geriatric populations can live for longer. These populations suffer from cognitive and physical declines that cause them to demand greater routine care. Through engaging PAs to provide these routine services, geriatric populations can receive the care they need without placing pressure on the inadequate numbers of medical personnel. Still, there is a need to mention that PAs are professionals who offer a unique services and act in a supportive role to ease the burden on other medical personnel. The discussion should mention how PAs can provide routine medical services while being supervised so that cost of care is reduced since they demand lower salaries. The reduction in cost of care has a positive effect on both the system sustainability and patients’ capacity to pay (Marquis& Huston, 2017). Overall, the discussion is informative and has been well written with eloquent arguments. Health System\’s Mission or Vision Essay Paper


Ledlow, G. & Coppola, N. (2014). Leadership for health professionals: theory, skills and applications (2nded.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Marquis, B. & Huston, C. (2017). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: theory and application (9thed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. Health System\’s Mission or Vision Essay Paper

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