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How will you evaluate whether these outcomes are achieved? When and who is expected to measure achievement of these outcomes?

How will you evaluate whether these outcomes are achieved? When and who is expected to measure achievement of these outcomes?

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Davis family
The Davis family is a blended family. Shakeeka (Black American) has been a single mother of Isaiah (multi-racial) and Sheera (multi-racial) until last year. Their father, Brent (Native American), is in prison for armed robbery and hasn’t been a part of their lives. Ben (Black/Asian) has been divorced for the last 8 years from Tonya (Native American). Ben and Tonya have five children, of which three remain at home with Tonya: Esther, age 17, Emmett, aged 15, and Portia, aged 13. All children are multi-racial.
Shakeeka and Ben married last year, but continue to live separately most of the time in different cities. Shakeeka continues to live with her blind mother and two children in her mother’s small three bedroom home, while Ben lives alone in a small apartment two hours away in another state. The couple sees each other every weekend, most holidays and during the summers. Shakeeka works as a middle school math teacher and basketball coach with 18 years in the public school system. She wants to wait to retire in 2 years before she even considers moving. Additionally, she provides all transportation for daily necessities for her mother, Doris (Black) who is homebound related to her blindness and agoraphobia. Doris can be depended upon to care for the children at home, cooking and housekeeping, but has great difficulty leaving home for any reason.
Ben has worked part-time as a UPS truck driver for the past 5 years after being laid off from Chrysler as a mechanic. He was unemployed for 3 years before obtaining this part-time position. He has repeatedly requested a full-time position which has not occurred. He is afraid to leave this job as it was so difficult to obtain one after his lay-off. Due to his economic hardship, Ben’s court-ordered child support is $400/month, which is currently doubled for the next 2 years in order to cover all previously missed payments when he was unemployed. His annual base income is $30,000, but he attempts to work as many extra shifts during the week as possible.
Shakeeka has always lived with her mother. Her father, Elmer (Black), died from a massive heart attack when Shakeeka was 17 years old. Doris became blind from glaucoma when Shakeeka was 11 years old. From the time of Elmer’s death until Shakeeka began to earn a living, Doris and Shakeeka lived on Doris’ disability income and food stamps. Shakeeka went to college on scholarships and student loans which she continues to pay monthly. Shakeeka has a Master’s degree in education. She earns $40,000 annually. The school where she works is in a poor section of the city and has a significant amount of violence. Theft is a constant threat but recently the violence has escalated with a stabbing in the locker room after a basketball game and more recently, a hostage situation where three students and a teacher were killed by another student just last week. This is very frightening as both Shakeeka and now Isaiah in 6th grade are at the school each weekday. Shakeeka was the first person on the scene and discovered the stabbing incident. Fortunately, the student survived but does not know who attacked him as they were disguised.
Since the violent incidents at school, Shekeeka has become very anxious, having difficulty sleeping and has a poor appetite. Isaiah has become withdrawn, reports a stomach ache each morning before school and is moody. Before the violent episodes at school, Isaiah had begun shoplifting with his friends. Now, he has been approached to join a gang having had his family threatened with a drive-by shooting if he refuses. Isaiah is afraid to tell anyone of the threats and doesn’t know who to talk to.
Sheera is a very sensitive child, picking up on the distress that she notices in her mother and brother. As a result, she has been having nightmares and doesn’t want to go to school either. Her asthma has exacerbated after a recent head cold, necessitating nebulizer treatments.
When Shakeeka phoned Ben to talk to him about her fears and concerns, Ben pre-empted the conversation by telling her that his youngest daughter was pregnant and wouldn’t identify the father.
PART 1 (4 pages)
This is a scholarly paper, using APA formatting
Use the case study and answer the following questions:Content must clearly answer the questions.Provide examples, rationale, explanations, and citation sources to support your conclusions as appropriate.
Use section/paragraph headings for each question, i.e. Family Functions, Family Developmental Stage, Stressors, Strengths, Coping Strategies, Nursing Diagnoses, and Missing Key Information Needed.
a. How is the family meeting affective, socialization, reproductive, economic and health care functions ?
b. Identify the developmental stage of this family; what are the developmental tasks this family must achieve during this stage? What do you believe is their present ability to achieve these tasks?
c. What are the short and long-term stressors impacting this family? What strengths counterbalance these stressors? How is the family reacting to these stressors (identify functional and dysfunctional coping strategies)?
d. Formulate one nursing diagnoses for this family.
e. If there is not enough data in the case study to assess the above, what questions/information is needed to assess these criteria?
f. Locate and utilize at least one peer-reviewed article as reference .
PART 2 (4 pages)
This is a scholarly paper, using APA formatting
Using the same case study answer the following questions:• Use section/paragraph headings, i.e. Specific Nursing Intervention, Outcomes, and Evaluation of Outcomes.
a. Based on the nursing diagnosis, what specific nursing interventions would you suggest?
b. Reviewing family demographics, culture, and socioeconomic factors, why are these interventions appropriate?
c. What are possible outcomes? Patient centered, family centered? In measurable terms?
d. How will you evaluate whether these outcomes are achieved? When and who is expected to measure achievement of these outcomes? In other words, how will you know if your nursing interventions were successful or not?
e. Locate and utilize at least one additional peer-reviewed article as one reference .

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