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Janet is an 84 year old complaining of being tired and weak for the last week.

Janet is an 84 year old complaining of being tired and weak for the last week.

Janet is an 84 year old complaining of being tired and weak for the last week.
Medical Coding ICD10CM codes


1. For the statement “ovarian androgen hormone hypersecretion” the main term to reference in the Index is __________.

[removed] a. ovarian
[removed] b. androgen
[removed] c. hormone
[removed] d. hypersecretion


1. For the statement “oligospermia due to efferent duct obstruction” the main term to reference in the Index is __________.

[removed] a. oligospermia
[removed] b. efferent
[removed] c. duct
[removed] d. obstruction


1. For the statement “acute antitubular basement membrane nephritis” the main term to reference in the Index is __________.

[removed] a. antitibular
[removed] b. basement
[removed] c. membrane
[removed] d. nephritis

1. For the statement “adhesive shoulder joint capsulitis” the main term to reference in the Index is ___________.

[removed] a. adhesive
[removed] b. shoulder
[removed] c. joint
[removed] d. capsulitis

1. Acute adenoviral follicular conjunctivitis is reported with code(s) _____________.

[removed] a. B30
[removed] b. B30.1
[removed] c. B30.1, H10.9
[removed] d. B30.9


1. Viral endocarditis is reported with code(s) __________.

[removed] a. B33.21, I38
[removed] b. B33.24, I38
[removed] c. B33.24
[removed] d. B33.21

1. Mast cell leukemia in remission is reported with code ___________.

[removed] a. C94.3
[removed] b. C94.30
[removed] c. C94.31
[removed] d. C94.32

1. Evans syndrome is reported with code __________.

[removed] a. D69
[removed] b. D69.4
[removed] c. D69.41
[removed] d. D69.49

1. Medullary hypoplasia is reported with code ___________.

[removed] a. D61.9
[removed] b. D61.1
[removed] c. D62
[removed] d. D63.8

1. Tommy Jones was hospitalized, and the discharge diagnosis recorded for his case is meningitis due to Lyme disease. The correct code(s) for this case is/are __________.

[removed] a. A69.20
[removed] b. A69.20, G03.9
[removed] c. G03.9
[removed] d. A69.21

1. Malignant neoplasm of the tail of the pancreas is reported with code __________.

[removed] a. C24.9
[removed] b. C25
[removed] c. C25.2
[removed] d. C26.9

1. Sally was admitted with a mass on her left ovary. After work-up it was determined that the mass was a benign neoplasm. The correct code for the principal diagnosis is __________.

[removed] a. R19.01
[removed] b. D26.0
[removed] c. D27.1
[removed] d. R19.00

1. Tuberculosis cerebral arteritis is reported with code _____________.

[removed] a. I77.6
[removed] b. A18.89
[removed] c. M31.6
[removed] d. A18.85

1. Scarlet fever with otitis media is reported with code __________.

[removed] a. A38.9
[removed] b. A38.1
[removed] c. A38.0
[removed] d. A38.8
1. Tom Jones is being seen today by Dr. Smith for gonococcal tenosynovitis. The correct code for this case is _____________.

[removed] a. A54.49
[removed] b. M65.9
[removed] c. A54.42
[removed] d. A54.4

1. Tim Hill has been experiencing diarrhea for a number of weeks with weight loss. Testing has determined that he has a beef tapeworm infection. Code(s) ________________________ would be reported for this case.

[removed] a. R19.7
[removed] b. R19.7, B68.1
[removed] c. B68.1
[removed] d. B71.9

1. The code used to report a benign neoplam of ureteric orifice of bladder is ____________.

[removed] a. D30.3
[removed] b. C67.6
[removed] c. C67.5
[removed] d. D30

1. A benign neoplasm of the hepatic flexure is coded with code ____________.

[removed] a. C18.3
[removed] b. D12.3
[removed] c. D12
[removed] d. D12.9

1. Janet is an 84 year old complaining of being tired and weak for the last week. She drove herself to the emergency department. The provided ordered blood work-up that revealed mast cell leukemia. The diagnostic code to report for this encounter is _____________.

[removed] a. C94.32
[removed] b. C94.31
[removed] c. C94
[removed] d. C94.30

1. Linda has been tired and complains of feeling weak for the last two to three months. Blood work shows that she has folic acid deficiency anemia. The code(s) for this case are _____________.

[removed] a. R53.1
[removed] b. R53.1, D52.9
[removed] c. D52.9
[removed] d. D52.0

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