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Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances

Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances

Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances
Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances Essay
Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances Essay

Analyze roles of the Drug Enforcement Administration

Analyze PMHNP responsibilities when issued a DEA number

Analyze DEA number application procedures

Analyze state requirements for safe prescribing and prescription monitoring

Analyze PMHNP responsibilities for safe prescribing and prescription monitoring

Analyze Schedule II-V drug levels. Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances Essay

Legalities related to Prescribing Controlled Substances

Every patient has a right to be prescribed with the appropriate medicine, thus enhancing recovery from their condition. Nonetheless, nursing practitioners are required to have adequate knowledge about particular drugs before prescribing them to patients. This knowledge will enable them to attain the expected results within a short duration without causing harm to the patient. The PMHNP should be informed about legislations, which are set by the state or federal government to guide healthcare practitioners, thus enhancing the safe prescriptionof the controlled drugs. While the concept of legislation is broad, the role of DEA about the PMHNP is significant. The paper will also cover the responsibilities of a DEA number holder. The procedure for applying for the number will also be discussed. Besides, the paper will address the requirements of Indiana State for safe prescriptions and a program for monitoring the prescription as well as myresponsibility as a PMHNP in adhering to these requirements. Finally, the paper will discuss the example of a drug, which I can prescribe to patients on Schedule II-V drug levels. Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances Essay

The Role of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) plays a significant role in the state. In particular, the DEA regulates the prescription of controlled substances in the country (Larrat et al., 2014). Both state and federal governments regulate the prescription of controlled substances due to their high risk for addiction, abuse as well as illegal sale and distribution. Controlled substances can be illicit or prescribed. In this case, DEA ensures that no illegal narcotics are prescribed to patients within the US. The DEA works under the supervision of the department of justice. Therefore, it ensures that manufacturing, sale, distribution, and the usage of controlled drugs adhere to federal laws. Furthermore, the DEA ensures that only licensed PMHNP are charged with the responsibility of supplying and prescribing controlled drugs. This move prevents the misuse of controlled drugs. Therefore, DEA enhances the safety of patients.

The Responsibilities of the DEA number Holder

The DEA number holder assists the Drug Enforcement Agency in regulating controlled substances. They should ensure that illegal nicotine is not prescribed to patients, thus enhancing their safety(Larrat et al., 2014).

The Application of a DEA number

A nursing practitioner must be licensed in the state where she or he practices to be issued with the DEA number. An NP can apply for the DEA number online upon being licensed. All the applicants are required to complete six different sections during the application. The first section consists of personal information of the applicant, including name, phone number, SSN, and address, among others. Secondly, an applicant is required to include some business operations and drug schedule details. Thirdly, an applicant is required to provide licensure information. The fourth section requires some background information regarding controlled substances. The fifth section is about payments. The DEA website expects an NP to pay $731 for three years. The last part is about confirmation, which requires an applicant to reviews or edits all entries before applying. Upon submission, the issuing of the DEA number takes four to six weeks. Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances Essay

Indiana’s Requirements for a safe prescribing and prescription monitoring program

The state of Indiana requires a prescription for a controlled substance to meet some conditions. First, a prescription must be issued in a reasonable quantity for a legitimate medical purpose by a licensed nursing practitioner. Secondly, all the prescriptions for controlled substances should be written with ink, typewriter, or indelible pencil(State of Indian, 2019). Additionally, the prescription should be issued with the date that was signed on the day of issue, patient’s full name and physical address, as well as practitioner’s DEA registration number and prescriber’s manual signature(State of Indian, 2019). Other requirements for the prescription are name, dosage, quantity, and strength of the prescribed drug, directions for use, and several refills (if any).


The State has adopted the Indiana Scheduled Prescription Electronic Collection and Tracking (INSPECT) program to regulate the prescription of controlled substances within its bounders(Kooreman et al., 2014). As a Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, I have a responsibility to follow these requirements. I should ensure that a prescription meet all the required conditions before issuing it to the patient.

Example of Drugs in Schedule II-V drug levels

Different drugs can be prescribed to the patients from each of the Schedule II-V drug levels

Schedule II: Methamphetamine, which is a stimulant, is an example of drugs that I can prescribe to patients in this category. This drug will be prescribed to patients with ADHD. It controls the symptoms of this condition by altering the amounts of particular natural substances in the brain.

Schedule III: Ketamine would be prescribed to patients during operations as anesthesia. This drug would make patients lose their consciousness(Gao, Rejaei & Liu, 2016). Additionally, it can serve as a painkiller in humans. Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances Essay

Schedule IV: Ambien, which is a sedative, would be prescribed to patients with insomnia. A person falls asleep immediately after taking a tablet of Ambien.

ScheduleV:Motofen would be prescribed to patients to treat diarrhea. This drug lowers the frequency and number of bowel movements(Chan et al. 2015).


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Kooreman, H., Greene, M., Wright, E., & Xavier-Brier, M. (2014). The Indiana INSPECT Evaluation: Key Findings and Recommendations from a Descriptive Analysis of INSPECT Data.

Larrat, E. P., Marcoux, R. M., & Vogenberg, F. R. (2014). Implications of recent controlled substance policy initiatives. Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 39(2), 126.

State of Indian. (2019). Controlled Substance Prescription Requirements. Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. Legalities Associated with Prescribing Controlled Substances Essay

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