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Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation

Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation

Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation
Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation Essay
Reponde to Joyce discussion below and include 2 references:half page.

BE SURE TO suggest additional opportunities or recommendations for overcoming the challenges described by your colleagues.

JoyceDiscussion –


Nurse\’s policy influence is the ability to influence decisions and affairs related to health through political knowledge, effective communication, and collaboration with other members of the health team(Arabi, Rafil, Cheraghi, & Ghiyasyandian,2014). Nurses have several skills to help them in policy evaluation and redesigning the healthcare system. Advocacy and communication skills make nurses suitable for policy designing, implementation, and evaluation. Evaluation of policies is crucial, for they determine how well the systems are working and to inform decision-makers about the ineffectiveness or effectiveness of the policies implemented. The evidence-based practice promotes the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare. Based on the best available evidence, patient preference, and account of clinical judgment according to health care professional\’s input. Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation Essay

According to Milstead and Short (2019), evaluation has become increasingly valuable as federal, state, and policymakers recognize that every decision they make and every program they purpose ultimately affects the health status of the population.RNs and APRNs can make use of patient data to connect the link between patient-centred care and clinical research to review the policies based on patient care outcomes. This can lead to the removal of outdated policies or amending healthcare policies to achieve better services that improve patient care. Knowledge generated through significant data analyses should be applied to improve clinical decision making to produce benefits for individual patients (Jose & Tatiana, 2015).

Some of the challenges these opportunities may present are; the use of data has not yet fulfilled full potential in healthcare, small data are not adequately systematized to generate useful knowledge for future research (Jose,& Tatiana, 2015).To overcome this challenge, nurses can collaborate with other health care professionals in putting efforts towards generating standardized and complete data that include both quantitative and clinical variables. The different problem is the use of observational data, which lacks a control group and randomization. This can be a challenge mainly when the objective is to assess the effectiveness of health care policies that affects delivery of care national wide. One way of overcoming this challenge is to collaborate with physicians who are interested in conducting point of care research. This can help with minimizing biases by conducting randomized registry trials. Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation Essay

The strategies that nurses can use to become effective advocates are through joining association example ANA that can help the nurses to voice essential role that they play in advancing access to patient care. The association can also help in offering tools and resources that nurses need to become effective advocates for their patients through policy evaluation. As the lead organization representing the interest of the nation\’s 4million registered nurses, the ANA role is to articulate that the voice at the highest levels to influence the health policy(American nurses association n.d). Lastly, I would recommend the nurses to use their communication skills to change systems through conducting rallies and lobbying against harmful health care policies. The passage of patient protection, and the affordable care act, and the recent failed attempts to change it, demonstrates the need for health care professionals to influence the policies on the delivery of care. Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation Essay


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Reponde to Quimberly\’s discussion below and include 3 references:half page.

BE SURE TO suggest additional opportunities or recommendations for overcoming the challenges described by your colleagues. Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation Essay

Qimberly Jones

RE: Discussion – Week 9


As in the previous discussion, we consider the role of the nurses in policymaking. This week\’s discussion will consider the role the nurses play in the evaluation of the policies. When it comes to the evaluation, the nurses not only have a lot of opportunities but also have a say in order to make it more robust and effective. This is due to the fact that the nurses are able to use years of their field experience when evaluating the policy as compared to any other trying to evaluate the policies. One of the examples is that the nurses can play a leadership role from the start of their career with their knowledge experience, and coupled with their good medical judgment, they are the agent of the change. Another example is the nurses can play an active role in delivering the highest standards of health care by evaluating the polices. The polices are the backbone of the health care system as they lay the guidelines and the procedures. Simply making one policy won’t be good for the patients or for the development of the health care system. It’s very vital that the polices are amended with time in order for the polices to tackle the new challenges that are presented in the health care system. But the evaluation process can be hectic and challenging for the nurses as they are already investing a lot of time and energy in the care to the patients. As the evaluation process requires the nurses to review and suggest the appropriate changes to the policies. But this can be overcome if the nurses are assisted by a well-qualified team of policymakers that can make the nurses understand the police in a timely and non-hectic way. In the end, the nurses have a similar and equal role in the making and evaluation of the policies of the health care system (Milstead, J. A., & Short, N. M., 2019).Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation Essay


Milstead, J. A., & Short, N. M. (2019). Chapter 7, “Health Policy and Social Program Evaluation”. Health policy and politics: A nurse’s guide, 116–124.

Responses to the Discussion on the Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation

Joyce Discussion

It is indeed true that only nurses as trained and experienced health professionals have the necessary skills and understanding to effectively evaluate policies that affect healthcare. Nurses cannot be compared to politicians who do not have a background in healthcare. It is equally true that one of the other main reasons why nurses are better placed to undertake healthcare policy evaluation is because they are inherently patient advocates and possess remarkable communication skills. As argued correctly, it is nurses who will have the ability and intuition to know whether a healthcare policy is effective on the ground or not. The challenge to policy evaluation by nurses mentioned in this discussion is that proper use of data is not yet well embraced. In light of this, the other recommendation that may be suitable in overcoming this challenge is for nurses to stop fearing statistics and begin taking more courses in the subject (East Coast Polytechnic Institute, 2020). Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation Essay

Qimberly Jones

This response agrees with the observation that nurses have the practical experience from many years of practice to accord them the ability to effectively evaluate healthcare policies. Certainly, nurses are oriented to be the agents of change. This indeed places them in a better position to understand healthcare policy, influence and properly evaluate it. The challenge mentioned in this second discussion in relation to this is that nurses are often too busy with patient care tasks to get time for policy evaluation. The additional recommendation in view of this is that matters of policy evaluation should be left to nurse managers and nurse leaders. These are advanced graduate-trained nurses whose only task is management and not bedside nursing (Duquesne University, n.d.). Role of Nurses in Policy Evaluation Essay


Duquesne University (n.d.).How nurse managers play a role in policy decision-making. Retrieved 24 January 2020 from https://onlinenursing.duq.edu/blog/nurse-managers-play-role-policy-decision-making/

East Coast Polytechnic Institute (2020). How do nurses use statistics? Why you need formal education to become a nurse. Retrieved 24 January 2020 from https://www.ecpi.edu/blog/how-do-nurses-use-statistics-why-you-need-formal-education-to-become-a-nurse

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