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What concerns do you have for F.P. regarding fall prevention?

What concerns do you have for F.P. regarding fall prevention?

What concerns do you have for F.P. regarding fall prevention?
Case Study #1: Physical Therapy/Fall Preventions


Read the assigned chapters in the course textbooks (for the week’s covered by this case study). Read the following information (statement and scenario). Answer the questions at the end of the Scenario for F.P. using your textbooks, the supplemental readings and other sources that you find to support your statements. This case study should use the APA guidelines (t itle page (with author notes), body (with your specific headings/subheadings), citations/references, graphs/tables/charts as appropriate). Please spell and grammar check your submission prior to submitting via Blackboard – Communications – Course Messages. No other forms of submission will be accepted or graded.

A primary concern for Older Adults is in preventing falls (National Council on Aging, 2016, Nov 30). Given the anatomical and physiological changes that may occur, due to changing health status, there is an increased risk for falls among Older Adults (American Physical Therapy Association, 2010; Robnett & Chop, 2015; p. 158). Efforts to prevent these adverse events require coordinated and managed healthcare interventions (Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare, 2015, Mar/Apr).


American Physical Therapy Association. (2010). Physical Therapy and Falls Prevention. Retrieved from http://www.nhsportandspine.com/docs/FallsPrevention.pdf

National Council on Aging. (2016, Nov 30). 6 steps to protect your Older loved one from a fall. Retrieved from https://www.ncoa.org/healthy-aging/falls-prevention/preventing-falls-tips-for-older-adults-and-caregivers/6-steps-to-protect-your-older-loved-one-from-a-fall/

Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare. (2015, Mar/Apr). Providers in the loop: Preventing falls across the continuum of care. Retrieved from http://psqh.com/march-april-2015/providers-in-the-loop-preventing-falls-across-the-continuum-of-care

Robnett, R.H. & Chop, W. (2015). Gerontology for the Health Professional. Burlington: MA: Jones & Bartlett.


· F.P. is an 85 year old male who has the following health conditions:

o Diabetes – Type II (diagnosed when he was 70 years old)

o Hypertension (aka High Blood Pressure)

o Cardiopulmonary Disease (COPD)

o Asthma

· The following medications have been prescribed:

o Symbicort – AER 160-4.5 – 10.2gm Inhaler – Refill 1x per month

o Advair Diskus – AER 250/50 – blister pack 60 aerosols – Refill 1x per month.

o Hydrochlorothorizide (HCTZ) – generic Lisinopril – TAB 20-12.5 mg – Refill 1x per month.

o Metformin HCL – 500 mg – twice a day – Refill 1x per month

o Sometimes F.P. forgets to take one or more of his medications.

· F.P. is a former smoker who occasionally “sneaks” a cigarette from a friend.

· F.P. drinks beer and tries to have only 2-3 drinks per day.

· F.P. is living in his own home, alone, after his wife’s death last year.

· F.P. has Medicare and Medicaid for his insurances.

· F.P. has Meals on Wheels delivered each week since he is unable to cook nutritiously for himself.

· When possible, F.P.’s son visits him to check on him, but often his work schedule allows only several times per month.

· F.P. is average weight for his height (170 lbs. for 5’10”)

Questions for Case Study

1. What concerns do you have for F.P. regarding fall prevention? (Note: Explain what conditions may lead to a fall.)

2. What individuals/agencies should be involved in addressing these concerns? (Note: Who should be included in the discussion or be consulted regarding fall prevention?)

3. How would you develop an intervention/care strategy of reducing the potential risks for F.P. having a falling incident? (Note: What steps should be taken to reduce fall risks).

4. What can F.P. do to reduce the potential for a fall? (Note: What physical or behavioral changes may be necessary to reduce fall risks?)

5. What other agencies can assist with improving the quality of F.P.’s home to minimize fall risks? (Note: Think about what types of devices or tools are available to fall proof a home or improve mobility within the home.)

6. What processes or procedures are necessary to safeguard F.P. from falling?

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