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What external factors and evidence may have influenced the incident?

What external factors and evidence may have influenced the incident?

Implementation of ICU Dairy or icu follow-ups Nursing Identify an area of practice development or critical incident within contemporary practice in critically ill patients with traumatic injuries, neurological or endocrine disorders. Define an appropriate model of change, developing an action plan within which the student defines their own leadership role. (100%) Guidelines for writing an assignment / action plan: In this assignment you will have the opportunity to identify and critically appraise an incident or area of practice development that you have personally been involved with in your clinical practice related to critically ill patients with traumatic injuries, neurological or endocrine disorders. The critical incident / practice development must be related to the module outcomes and should be selected in consultation with your specialist option tutor. You may wish to use a reflective framework to help structure your work, however the descriptive / affective aspects of the incident need to be concisely stated as an appendix, and the main focus of the assignment should be on writing a detailed analysis that critically evaluates the incident / practice development and critiques, evaluates and synthesises the surrounding literature. A recognised model of change should be identified which will underpin an action plan in which you discuss your own leadership role, developing strategies for the integration of the identified changes to practice within the action plan. Introduction Briefly introduce the incident or area of practice development, and provide a rationale for your selection of this event. A complete description of the incident or practice development should be included as an appendix to your assignment; ensure that confidentiality to all patients, colleagues and placements is maintained as per University guidelines. You could also include a brief summary of the critical incident analysis technique and you will need to outline the module themes that your incident will address. The work must be presented in an orderly way with clearly defined foci/focus. Development of Discussion In this section you need to discuss your particular critical incident or practice development in more depth. You should include a reference of the incident/ practice development contained within an appendix, and highlights the specific points that you intend to critically analyse, synthesise and evaluate. You should write a detailed critical analysis of this incident / practice development examining and evaluating your own and others’ actions, critically appraising associated literature and formatting evaluations which can be integrated into practice developments. The discussion should include a recognised model of change, which is utilised to underpin a developing discussion related to your leadership role in the action plan and implementation/ integration of the changes, identifying your justification of this linked to the supporting literature. It is important to keep the focus of your discussion onto the incident/development throughout this assignment. You may wish to consider the following points in developing your discussion: a. What were the key features of the incident/ practice development which you feel influence your area of practice? Justify how you enhance content with detailed examination and evaluation of the literature. b. What were the effects of the incident / practice development on the patient / colleagues/carers? c. Identify and critically analyse your own role/actions in this incident/practice development and those of the other members of the multidisciplinary team, demonstrating the integration of the evidence you have discussed within the role developments. d. What external factors and evidence may have influenced the incident? Policies, protocols, guidelines, environmental issues etc, and develop a discussion critically appraisin these areas. e. What were the positive and negative features of this incident / practice development, and how did this underpin your action plan for practice? f. On appraisal of you own actions discuss what you have learnt about your own strengths and areas for development? g. What strategic and personal developments have you included to demonstrate how you have synthesised the evidence to underpin your action plan? Conclusion Summarise the main points of your discussion developing areas of discussion to demonstrate how you have synthesised the supporting evidence to develop strategies for integration of your conclusions. Review the key issues identified from your critical incident/practice development and evaluate areas for future development which expand to include your role in the developments. Action Plan Having critiqued supporting literature and synthesised the evidence reflecting upon the transformation and redefinition of personal growth and development upon the incident / practice development, identify issues arising from it. Your action plan should identify the goals that have emerged from your analysis of the significant event. There is no set format for an action plan, since it is based on the philosophy of individual, person-centred planning. However, you will be expected to present your plan in the form of a table, and to provide a discussion of the evidence underlying the goals you have set, demonstrating excellent synthesis of the supporting evidence. Your table may include: a. the goal b. the actions that need to be taken to achieve the goal c. the date by which they will have been achieved d. who will carry out the individual actions e. resources that are needed in order to carry out the actions f. evidence that they have been carried out. In drawing up your action plan remember that there may be several actions needed for each goal that you set and that œresources may include the time and help of other members of the care team. You are required to reflect upon the areas identified within the discussion, and demonstrate how the underpinning evidence will support/dispute these, introducing pathways for the integration of your areas for personal and practice improvement which are underpinned by the evidence you have presented. These are to be formatted in the action plan demonstrating full exploration of the significant events. These areas of the plan will clearly demonstrate how you intend to change practice. Your discussion may include consideration of: a. how you identified the goals that you have set b. how your action plan will improve the co-ordination required to meet the goals c. when your action plan should be evaluated and updated d. which evidence underpins each development section

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